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Savor the authentic taste of Ethiopian coffee culture


Need a Coffee?

Feel free to stop by, and treat yourself to an authentic Ethiopian coffe while taking a bite from your favorite sandwhich, pastry, muffin, cake or WHATEVER YOUR LIKE.
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Peaceful Ambiance

Art-filled Sanctuary

A cup of Ethiopian coffee is happiness tasted and time well-spent. We’re convinced you’ll agree once you’ve tasted the freshness of our brew on a peaceful morning. 
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Laptop Warriors' Fortress

Enjoy the salad version of Turkey Pesto Sandwich! Fetch yourself a comfortable spot; enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi! We happen to offer every convenience for our Ethiopian coffee guests. 
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Ethiopian Coffee

Brewed the Right Way.

Our staff brews Ethiopian coffee with the ultimate CARE, SKILL, & PURPOSE. That’s right. While the enthusiasm and technology fuel the taste for you, supporting coffee farmers on each sale of coffee bag is what drives our happiness. 
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Ethiopian Coffee Bags

Enjoy Your Ethiopian Coffee - Anywhere and Anytime

We facilitate dine-in, sidewalk pickup, and online orders for ethiopian coffee and everything else that complements your breakfast or lunch. Your favorite Ethiopian coffee doesn’t just belong in our shop – take a bag home with you.

No Matter what historians claimed, BC really stood for "Before Coffee".

Cherise Sinclair.